Analog Panel Meter Reference Guide (Yokogawa)

The below table provides a direct cross reference to several Yokogawa panel meters. Just click on the appropriate size under the series name and it will take you to a suggested Hoyt replacement. If you have the exact configurator PN (Example:250260AJAJ), feel free to use one of our cross reference tables or give us a call, email, or for an instant answer (Chat). In most cases, we can provide you a direct replacement that works for the application based on quantity, cost, and delivery time.  We are here to work with you whether you require an analog meter, digital meter, or a complementing product solution (transformers, shunts, relays, switches, or test equipment).


250 and 254 (Big Look Series ®)251 and 255 (Horizon Series ®)260, 261, and 265 (Stylist Series ®)
ST-98 Horizon
Size: 1 (1-1/2")
Size: 2 (2-1/2")
Size: 3 (3-1/2")
Size: 2 (2-1/2"), 3 (3-1/2")Size: 1 (1-1/2")
Size: 2 (2-1/2"), Size 3 (3-1/2"), Size 4 (4-1/2")
Switchboard SeriesToughMeter Series ®Synchroscope
17-3 100 Amp Scale
All OptionsSize: 2 (2-1/2"), 3 (3-1/2")All Options