VU Meters in High-End Sound Systems

Analog is making a comeback in the music industry. Some aficionados are buying vinyl records again, for the more natural sound they offer. Plus, some manufacturers are even returning to an old standby to measure the signal level of music in high-end sound systems: the analog VU meter. VU (volume unit) meters have become the […]

Advanced Manufacturing Is Making a Difference

If there’s one thing that characterizes American manufacturing in the 21st Century, it’s advanced technology. The recent upswing in manufacturing productivity in the U.S. has been spurred by upgrades American manufacturers have had to make in recent years to not only keep up with low-price manufacturing from overseas but from stiff competition in the manufacturing […]

The Hottest Trends in Manufacturing Today

Here’s a follow-up to our last blog, on advanced manufacturing, with a look at some of the hotter trends in manufacturing these days, courtesy of the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP), the new industry-government trade organization. The AMP has identified 11 technology areas that it thinks should be the subject of increased R&D support. And they’ve […]

Why Sound Engineers Still Prefer VU Meters in Recording Studios

Some things just don’t go out of style. Take blue jeans, for example. Or consider the humble VU meter. For recording engineers, it’s never gone out of style. Despite the digital revolution, analog VU meters are still quite popular in the recording studio amongst serious sound engineers. So, what’s the secret to their lasting appeal? […]

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