HLED Series

HDLA (3-1/2 Digit LED Meter - Bezel Mount)

>0.56" High Intensity Digits
>Available in Red, Blue, or Green
>User selectable decimal points
HBDR (3-1/2 Digit LED Meter - Gimbal Mount)

>2.3" Red, Green, or Blue digits
>Isolated AC/DC supply
>180 degree bracket mount with metal case
HDMO-3 (3-1/2 Digit LED Meter - Window Mount)

>0.56" Red or Green digits
>Window mount with optional bezel
>User-selectable decimal points
HDMO-85/95 (3-1/2 Digit LED Meter - Voltage Inputs)

>0.8" Green or Red digits
>1/8" DIN package
>Snap in mount with gasket for NEMA4 or IP66
HDMO-XEC (3-1/2 Digit LED Meter - 1/8" DIN)

>0.56" Red or Green Digits
>10 pin wire harness included
>Gasket and clamp for NEMA4 or IP66