CK / E-20 Series 1 1/2″ – 2 1/2″ Edgewise Panel Meters

CK Series Edgewise Meter Series

Hoyt edgewise meters have high visibility scales and straight forward design that make them especially suited to small, limited space, rack mounted power supplies and allied equipment. Supplied bezel and mounting hardware enable quick, trouble-free installation.



E-20        (2 1/2″)
CK-256   (2 1/2″)
CK-257   (2 1/2″)
CK-150   (1 1/2″)
CK-160   (1  1/2″)



The CK-256 and CK-150 Series edgewise meter are suitable for many applications requiring a low cost solution.
 The standard case is polystyrene, but UL Polycarbonate is available.
 Accuracy is ±5% of full scale and most AC/DC ranges are available.
 Typical uses include test equipment, power supplies, emergency lighting chargers, recreational equipment, etc.
 Features quick snap in ears…no brackets required!