CPT3 Control Power Transformer

CPT3 Control Power Transformer – Medium Voltage

CPT3 Control Power Transformer – Medium Voltage

The CPT3 series can provide control power in distribution equipment motor starters or be used directly with recording volt meters. The transformer winding is vacuum encapsulated in polyurethane resin. Primary and secondary terminals are brass screws (10-32) with one flat washer and lockwasher. The steel mounting base is removable and can be rotated 90 degrees. For indoor use only. Voltage ratings from 2400V to 7200V. The suggested fuse rating is 50kA RMS and diameter is 0.81″. Higher fuse ratings are available. See datasheet for reference.


Models and Sizes

Part Number (Fused)Voltage Rating (Primary/Secondary)Ratio / Thermal RatingPricing
Consult factory for unfused or switchgear types.The price shown is for one unit. Additional pricing for quantities is shown on the storefront (Buy Now).

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CPT3-60-0.5-242FF2400:12020:1 / 500VA$979 (Buy Now)
CPT3-60-0.5-332FF3300:110-50Hz30:1 / 450VA$1023 (Buy Now)
CPT3-60-0.5-422FF4200:12035:1 / 500VA$979 (Buy Now)
CPT3-60-0.5-482FF4800:12040:1 / 450VA$1023 (Buy Now)
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2.5Kv, 5Kv, 7Kv classes available

Frequency: 60Hz / Accuracy: +- 1% at 100VA

Insulation Level: 5kV, 60kV BIL full wave

Thermal Rating: Based on 30C ambient (see table)

Weight: 22 lbs (approximate) / UL Recognized (E196363)