HLS-110 / HLS-80 Switchboard Meters

HLS-Series Switchboard Meter

Hoyt’s HLS-Series switchboard instruments provide high visibility instrument readings for all AC parameters. The scale of each instrument in the series features high visibility markings and a 250-degree full-scale deflection.



HLS-80 – 3-1/4″ Switchboard Panel Meter
HLS-110 – 4-1/2″ Switchboard Panel Meter



The HLS-80 is a 3-1/4″  square meter housed in a rugged abs plastic case. The HLS-110 is a 4-1/2″  square meter housed in a rugged abs plastic case.
All AC moving coil rectifier ammeters and voltmeter are ±1%.
DC Moving coil ammeters and voltmeters ±1%.
Frequency meters ±0.15Hz (50Hz & 60Hz), and all power meters are ±1%.
All AC & DC voltmeters – 50% momentary/20% prolonged.
AC & DC ammeters – 50% momentary/20% prolonged.
Frequency meters – 20% maximum; and power meters – 20% maximum. All ammeters and power meters
Meters are ANSI C39.1 *Some available options include custom artwork, colored dials, traceable calibration, custom logos, panel gaskets, and anti-glare window. Range specifiacations available upon request

UL Listed Product