Meter Movements

Meter Movements

Completely self-shielded pivot and jewel high torque movement.



#19 DC Movement
#22 DC Movement
250 DC Movement
Iron Vane
#17 External Magnet
Taut Band



Now standard in all series of panel meters. This completely self-shielded pivot and jewel high torque movement is constructed with high density sintered iron ring and pole piece which provides the best possible flux distribution through the entire 100 degree swing of the coil. This unique feature coupled with the strong Alnico V Bar magnet offers exceptionally high torque with minimum lag for fast response and quick, accurate readings, spring-loaded jewels are standard for use in rugged applications. Virtually any damping and electrical specifications can be met with a wide variety of bar magnets. Other features include all those listed for the #17 external magnet movement. Hoyt Accu-Ring movement is standard in all panel meter cases. The #22 movement is smaller, less powerful version of the #19 movement. Accuracy of 2% is standard. 1% accuracy is available in most ranges.
These movements, accurate within 2% are built on the D’Arsonval principle according to the best methods of meter manufacture. Features include Alnico V Magnets for high torque movement, soft iron pole pieces electronically bonded to the magnetic system for long life, microscopically inspected and selected jeweled bearings, hardened pivots specially cemented and baked to short-proof anodized coil forms for trouble free life. Stong tubular pointers – either lance or knife edgetypes, ceramic pointer stops, hair springs for quick response and good damping are incorporated into all our movements. Spring loaded jewels are standard with sapphire jewels available as an option.
Hoyt AC Repulsion movements are made with an accuracy of 2%. Jeweled bearings, insulated or Bakelite zero adjusters, Hoyt cross arm balance, special constructed viscus damping and choice of lance or knife edge pointers. The Hoyt AC Movements are manufactured with brass movement support to match the moving element. This feature enables the Hoyt AC meter to maintain accurate readings over a wider temperature range. The AC meters can be used with corresponding size DC instruments where matching meters are wanted.
The Hoyt once-patented 250 degree meter movement is a self-shielded pivot and spring loaded jewel meter. Built for rugged industrial applications and shock resistant, this movement incorporates precision aligned, mechanically interlocked construction with very high torque. The movement is good down to 200 microamps with ample resistance. Airplane or knife edge pointers are available in different lengths to accommodate a variety of case styles and sizes.