Model 460 Voltage Transformer – Low Voltage

Model 460 Voltage Transformer – Low Voltage


Low voltage Transformer available in ratios from 69.3:120 to 600:120 VAC. These 600 VAC class transformers feature Resin filled thermoplastic cases, brass terminals, plastic terminal covers. They are designed for operation line to line. They can also be operated line to ground or line to neutral at reduced voltage (58% of rated volts).  ANSI C57.13 Group 1 unless otherwise noted.


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Models and Sizes


Part NumberVoltage Rating (Primary/Secondary)RatioPricing
*ANSI C57.13 Group 2The price shown is for one unit. Additional pricing for quantities is shown on the storefront (Buy Now).

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460-06969.3:1200.58:1$156.65 (Buy Now)
460-120120:1201:1$156.65 (Buy Now)
460-208208:1201.73:1$156.65 (Buy Now)
460-240240:1202:1$156.65 (Buy Now)
460-277277:1202.31:1$156.65 (Buy Now)
460-288288:1202.4:1$156.65 (Buy Now)
460-300300:1202.5:1$165.75 (Buy Now)
460-346346:1202.88:1$165.75 (Buy Now)
*460-480480:1204:1$165.75 (Buy Now)
*460-600600:1205:1$165.75 (Buy Now)
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Frequency: 60Hz / Standa: 120 Volts / Insulation Level: 600Volts, 10kV BIL full wave

Accuracy Class: 0.6W, 1.2X at 60Hz  / Thermal Rating: 150 VA at 30C Ambient, 100 VA at 55C Ambient

Connection: Terminals are 10-32 brass studs with lockwasher, flat washer, and regular nut

Weight: 7.75 lbs (approximate)  / Dimensions: 4.23 (W) x 3.34 (H) x 3.20 (D)  /  CSA Approved (223647) / UL Recognized (E228202)