Model 781MR Current Transformer – Relay Class – 6.5″ Window

Model 781MR Current Transformer – Relay Class – 6.5″ Window

The 781MR series Current Transformer is a Relay class C100 or C200 with  0.3 accuracy. Connections are 10-32 brass screws with a flat washer, lockwasher, and nut.  The transformer series is UL Recognized (E228202) and CSA Approved (223647).

Models and Sizes


Part NumberRatio / Relay ClassANSI Metering Class at 60HzPrice
Width: 9.88", Height: 9.88", Depth: 3.38"

Weight: 31 lbs (approx.)
The price shown is for one unit and shipping is included.

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781-601MR600:5A / C1000.3 B0.5$444 (Buy Now)
781-122MR1200:5A / C2000.3 B1.8$487 (Buy Now)
781-202MR2000:5A / C2000.3 B1.8$500 (Buy Now)
781-302MR3000:5A / C2000.3 B1.8$505 (Buy Now)
781-402MR4000:5A / C2000.3 B1.8$507 (Buy Now)
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Frequency: 50-400 Hz

Insulation Level: 600 Volts 10kV BIL full wave

Continuous Thermal Rating: 2.0 at 30C ambient, 1.5 at 55C ambient