Power Factor Transducer

RISH Ducer C11 Phase Angle Transducer


RISH Ducer C11 Phase Angle Transducer

The transducer RISH Ducer C11 measures the phase angle between current and voltage of a single or 3 phase balanced network having a sine wave form. The output signal, in the form of a load independent DC current or voltage, is proportional to the phase angle between the 2 measured quantities current and voltage. The measuring range scales of the connected instruments, such as indicators, recorders, controllers etc., are calibrated in cos Ø values of the angle.


Models and Sizes

RISH Ducer C11



Measuring output: DC current signal ( load – independent ) or DC voltage signal (not super-imposed)
Measuring principle: Measurement of the zero crossing interval
Electric isolation between all transducer connection circuits / Prevents interference voltages and currents being transmitted
Narrow housing, 70 mm / Saves space and therefore costs
Snaps onto a DIN rail or screws onto a wall or panel / Adaptable to the circumstances at the place of installation
Screw terminals suitable for multistrand or solid wires /
Easy wiring without problems
Two isolated outputs (Optional)
Electrical isolation between output 1 and output 2 is 500V

M100-P Series – Phase Angle

M100-P Series – Phase Angle

The M100-PA series of phase angle transducers measure the phase angle between current and voltage. They can be used on single and 3 phase 3 or 4 wire balanced systems. Ideal for optimizing power factor correction.






Non standard inputs / outputs only as far as technically acceptable.
A.C. Auxiliary in range 57.7 to 450 volts
Calibration at nominal Hz 35…..450Hz
Calibration at temperature other than 23°C