H388 SVD Safety Voltage Detector


The Body-ProxH 388 SVD is a Personal Safety Voltage Proximity Detector designed to alert the users that they are approaching live equipment where dangerous voltage is present.

The 388 SVD is an ultra low consumption product and can be used for months without replacing the 9V battery. It can be tested by pressing both front panel buttons to proof the tester is working properly.

  • Warning Proximity of AC Voltage (240V~69kV).
  • Protection class: IP65.
  • Easy-to-wear on body or belt.
  • Ultra high bright LED indication.
  • High pitch sound indication.
  • The sound level can reach up to 90dB.
  • Test & diagnostic circuitry.
  • Friendly priority alert reporting.
  • Circuit test function.
  • High impact type casing.
  • Different alerting sound & light.


  • Dimension: 114(L) × 67(W) × 27(D)mm.
  • Weight: Approx. 152g (battery included).
  • Power supply: 9V(6F22) × 1.
  • Safety standards: EN 61326-1.