Hoyt Meter Catalogs

Catalog: Analog Panel Meters

Catalog: Cable Tracers & Testers

Catalog: Clamp Meters

Catalog: ELCB Testers

Catalog: Earth Resistance Testers

Catalog: High Voltage Series

Catalog: Insulation Testers (Digital)

Catalog: Insulation Testers (Analog)

Catalog: Insulation & Multifunction Testers

Catalog: Audio Impedance Testers and Sound Level Meters

Catalog: Loop Testers & Electrical Network Analyzers

Catalog: Multimeters

Catalog: Milliohm & Ohm Meters

Catalog: Personal Safety Voltage Detectors

Catalog: Voltage/Continuity Testers

Catalog: Phase Sequence Indicators

Catalog: Resistor Calibration Boxes

Catalog: Low Voltage Detectors

Catalog: Analog Leakage Meters

Catalog: AC Voltage Proving Units

Catalog: Power Meters

Catalog: Various Instruments

Catalog: Electrical Test Leads

Catalog: Test & Measurement Accessories

Catalog: Portable Meters

Hoyt Meter Historical References

Historical Reference: Hoyt 1983 Full Line Analog Meter Catalog

Historical Reference: Hoyt 1985 Automotive Catalog

Historical Reference: Hoyt 1930 Automotive Aftermarket Meter Catalog

Historical Reference: Hoyt 1929 Catalog for Radio Meter Sets

Hoyt Meter Historical Brochures

Brochure: Hoyt High Voltage Detection

Brochure: Hoyt Power Generation Vertical Market

Brochure: Hoyt VU Meter

Brochure: Hoyt Marine Vertical Market

Brochure: Hoyt Overall Vertical Market

Hoyt Meter White Papers & Application Notes

Application Note: Cathodic Protection Systems

Application Note: Portable Wattmeters (What are they?)

Application Note: Water Irrigation Center Pivot Systems - Hoyt is at the Center Point

White Paper: Analog Panel Meter Trends

White Paper: Clean Energy Digital Solutions

White Paper: Thermocouple vs RTD's

White Paper: VU Meters in High Audio

White Paper: Why Sound Engineers Still Prefer VU Meters in Recording Studios

White Paper: Analog Panel Meter Movements - How Do They Work?