4156 PR Phase & Motor Rotation Tester


The 4156 PR is used to identify the leads of a diconnected motor so that when the motor is in true phase sequence, it will run in the desired direction. The identification process is necessary before a motor can be connected.
The tester is also used to identify true phase sequence of energized AC power lines up to 600 AC volts. The other functions of the 4156 PR include the determination of transformer polarity and testing of circuit continuity.



  • Measuring ranges: 0~200kΩ.
  • Test leads: AL-34 length 50cm.
  • Dimensions: 250(L) × 190(W) × 110(D)mm.
  • Weight (battery included): Approx. 1280g.
  • Power source: 1.5V (AA) × 2.
  • Safety Standard: EN 61010-1. EN 61326-1.