582MM-HRD 3.5" Digital Rugged Hour Meter


3.5" round digital LCD Hour Meter is designed for extreme duty applications where a high degree of resistance to the environment is required. Solid state electronic drive circuitry provides long life with no motor and less moving parts. Electronic actuation assures accuracy by eliminating delicate springs and mechanical clock mechanisms that can be affected by vibration and temperature.

  • Waterproof.
  • Special dials are available with the following options: Additional Colors, Scales, Special Legends, Logo and Mirrors.
  • Made in the USA using the proven 17/3MM metal case with gasket.

Applications: Generators; Control panels; Production equipment; Marine equipment; Hour meter for boats; Garden tractors.



  • Accuracy: Matches frequency control of power ±1% Quartz accuracy.
  • Ranges Available: 48-150 VDC, 120VAC and 240VAC.
  • Display: Easy to read 10,000 or 100,000 hour numeric display.
  • Case: Brass case, ruggedized, gasket sealed.
  • Window: Thermoplastic.
  • Mounting: Surface mount.
  • Operating Temperature: -25° to 185°F (-32° to 80°C).
  • Meter Approvals: ANSI C39.1, NEMA4.


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Made in USA
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Digital Hour Meter