AL-11 Series Test Leads


Patented connector at test lead and terminal.
Test leads for meters and testers are highly susceptible to poor contact and damage. Our patented screw end has completely offset the bending oppression, which makes it highly durable and long lasting.



● AL-11-1 (1m), AL-11-3 (3m), AL-11-5 (5m).
● Wire: PVC UL 1803 / 18AWG.
- Length: 1100±30mm
- Out diameter: 3.50mm
- Temperature tolerance range: -40ºC~105ºC
- Braid copper wires: 170 / 0.08mm
● Terminal: 105º angle 4mm brass banana plug (nickel plated) with caged and insulated sheathing to avoid the brass oxidation.
● Rating:
- EN 61010-031:2002 + A1:2008
- CAT III 1000V 10A / CAT IV 600V 10A