Hoyt BT-102 Battery Load Tester


Simplified Check Program for Charging Systems The BT-102 is a variable load battery tester that provides a simplified check for the alternator and starter. In addition to performing accurate battery load tests, this tester provides non-inductive starter-draw and alternator output testing capabilities..



● 6V & 12V Automotive & Commercial Starting Batteries.
● 12V Starting and Charging Systems.
● 6 Volt Tests Battery Check and Load Test.
● 12 Volt Tests Battery Check, Load Test, Alternator Regulation Test, and Starter Draw Test.
● Carbon Pile Load: 12 Volt 500 Amp.
● Carbon Pile Load: 6 Volt 250 Amp.
● Battery CCA Range: 0-1000.
● Alternator Test.
● Charging Voltage Starter Draw Test: Yes/Simulated.
● Cooling Vented.
● Display: Analog Volt Scale 0-16.
● Weight: 12 lbs.