DKM-411 Power Analyzer with Internet Communication


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The DKM-411 is a UL Listed, advanced precision metering device offering a 3.5” size, 320 x 240 pixel color TFT,
together with unrivaled remote monitoring capabilities over internet in a compact and low cost package. The unit itself is a web page and can be opened through any browser for remote monitoring. The central monitoring feature allows monitoring of thousands of meters from one central PC.
● True RMS measurements, 0.2% accuracy.
● 3.5” TFT LCD, 320x240 pixels.
● Harmonic distortion display (63 harmonics).
● Oscilloscope, waveform display.
● Phasor diagram display.
● Internal battery backed-up real time clock.
● Max demand display.
● User configurable display screen 2 configurable relay outputs.
● Energy pulse output capability 2 opto-isolated, configurable digital inputs.
● Dual active-reactive power counters.
● Both mains/generator energy metering.
● Configurable user counters.
● Voltage transformer ratio for MV applications.
● Password protected front panel programming.
● Reduced panel depth.
● Sealed front panel (IP54) MEAS.

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Power Supply Input: 220V input: 180 to 270V AC | 110V input: 90 to 140V AC | 50 - 60Hz nominal (± 10%) | DC supply versions available.
Power Consumption: < 5 VA.
Measurement Input Range: Voltage: 5 - 400 V AC (L-N),10 - 520 V AC (L-L) | Current: 0.1 - 10 A AC | Frequency: 30 - 100 Hz.
Accuracy: Voltage: 0.2%+1digit | Current: 0.2%+1 digit | Frequency: 0.1%+1 digit | Power(kW,kVAr): 0.4%+2digit | Power factor: 0.2%+1digit.
Measurement Range: CT range: 5/5A to 10’000/5A | VT range: 0.1/1 to 200.0/1 | kW range: 0.1 kW to 50 MW.
Voltage burden: < 0.1VA per phase.
Current burden: < 1VA per phase.
Relay Outputs: 5A @ 250V AC.
Digital Inputs
Active level: 5 to 30V-DC or AC | Min pulse: 250ms | Isolation: 1000V AC, 1 minute.

Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C (-4 to +176 °F).
Maximum humidity: 95% non-condensing..
Degree of Protection: IP 65 (Front), IP 30 (Back).
Enclosure: Non-flammable, ROHS compliant.
Installation: Flush mounting with rear brackets.
Dimensions: 102x102x53mm (WxHxD).
Weight: 1.06 lbs. (480 gr).

Phase to phase voltages: L1L2-L2L3-L3l1-Lavg.
Phase to neutral voltages: V1-V2-V3-Vavg.
Phase currents: L1-L2-L3-LN-Lavg-Ltot.
Active power: P1-P2-P3-ΣP.
Reactive power: Q1-Q2-A3-ΣQ.
Apparent power: S1-S2-S3-ΣS.
Power factor: cos1-cos2-cos3-Σcos.
Active power counters: pC1-pC2.
Reactive power counters: Qc1-Qc2.
User Counters: USR1-USR2-USR3-USR4.
2...63 Harmonics of any voltage or current.
Phase to neutral voltages vector angles.
Phase to phase voltages vector angles.
Phasor vector diagram.

Modbus RTU RS-485.
Modbus TCP/IP .
TCP/IP server.
TCP/IP client.
Embedded web server.
Web monitoring.
Web programming.
GSM-SMS sending.
Email sending.
Central Monitoring through IP.
Free configuration & monitoring software.

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