ELRM44V-30 Earth Leakage Relay


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ELRM44V-30 Earth Leakage Relay is used in conjunction with an external Core Balance Current Transformer (CBCT) and will detect residual sinusoidal alternating and pulsating direct currents.
An adjustable trip level and time delay allows the product to be set according to the type of installation to be protected. When the level of leakage current being monitored exceeds the set trip level, the unit will trip.
Typically, the product is used in conjunction with an external switching device (i.e. contactor, shunt trip). An auxiliary supply is required to power this product.

● Type A – Earth Leakage Relay
● Selectable Trip level (0.03 – 30A) and Time delay (0 – 10s)
● Local (and optional remote) Test/Reset buttons
● Isolated Auxiliary supply
● 1 x SPDT/1 x SPNO Relay outputs
● 44mm wide, DIN Rail mount

Contact us at sales@hoytmeter.com for availability.


Supply voltage*: 12-125 VDC8(8-110% of U)(see connection diagram) 24, 115/230, 400V AC (85 - 115% of Un).
All AC supplies are galvanically isolated between the supply and the toroid and remote test/reset connections.
* To be specified when ordering.

Frequency range: 50/60/400Hz (AC supplies).
Isolation: Over voltage cat III.

Rated impulse withstand voltage: 800V (24V AC supplies), 2.5kV (115V AC supplies) (1.2/50mS).
IEC 606644kV (230V, 400V AC supplies).

Power consumption (max): 64A (AC supplies) 5W (DC supplies).
Monitored leakage current:0 to 30A (15-400Hz) through external toroid with 1000:1 ratio and connected to terminals 8 and 9.
Sensitivity In (see Accessories): 30, 100, 300, 500mA, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30A (user selectible).
Trip level limits: 80 - 90% ∆n.
Reset Value: >85% of tripped level.
Time delay ∆t: 0*, 60, 150, 250, 500, 800mS, 1, 2.5, 10sec (user selectible).
Reset time: >2S (from supply interruption).
Output: 1 x SPNO, 1 x SPDT relays.

Output rating
AC1 (250V)
DC1 (25V)

S.O.(12, 13, 14)
8A (2000VA)
8A (200W)

P.S.O. (10M 11)
6A (1500VA)
6A (150W)

Ambient temp: -20 to +55°C (-5 to 40°C in accordance with IEC60755.
Relative humidity: 95% non condensing.
Weight: approx. 190g (AC power supplies), approx. 110g (DC power supply).
Dimensions(mm): W:44 x H:85 x D:63.5.
Mounting option: Onto 35mm symmetric DIN rail.
Terminal conductor size: <2.5mm² stranded, • • 4mm² solid.
Conforms to: IEC60755, 60947, 62020, 61543, 61000-2-3-4-5-6-12 & 16 CISPR 22 CE & compliant.

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