EV300 - Power & Energy Meter


Three-phase Multifunction Power & Energy Meter provides the most affordable metering solution with reliable power metering features for voltage, current, power and bi-directional energy.
Application: Power Distribution Automation, Intelligent Electric Switch Gear, Industrial Automation, Building Automation, Energy Management Systems, Industry Apparatus.
5 Year Warranty.

Application area:
Power Distribution Automation,
Intelligent Electric Switch Gear,
Industrial Automation,
Building Automation,
Energy Management Systems,
Industry Apparatus.

EV/DV300 series power meter is designed for three phase electrical parameter measurement by using of latest microprocessor and digital signal process technology. It can True-RMS measure Voltage, Current, Power, Reactive Power, Power Factor, Frequency and Energy. The meter can be well used in high harmonic environment especially in middle and low voltage power system, electric apparatus, power system automation and factory automation. All the measuring electrical data are available via digital RS485 communication port running ModbusTM Protocol. The meter also got some flexible I/O ports that made the metering, monitoring, remote controlling and Analog output in one unit possible. This can save large cost for user in setting up electric power automation system.

EV/DV 300 series meter can be used to replace analog meter, panel meter, transducer and small RTU in power distribution or power automation system. As it adopted true-RMS measuring method, the EV/DV 300 series are competent for meauring voltage and current in high distortion nonlinear load system, such as VVVF, Electric Ballast, Computer etc.

5 Year Warranty.



Utility Revenue Grade Accuracy IEC 62053-22 0.5s Class / ANSI C12.20 0.5 Class.
Bi-directional Energy Metering.
Field Configurable 5A/1A CT Input.
Compatible with both 50Hz and 60Hz system.
RS485 port Built-in with Modbus-RTU.
Standard Panel Mount 96mm DIN- Direct Retrofit.
Switch Status Monitoring and Controlling.
Energy Pulse Output.
4-20mA Analog Transducer Output.
Over/Under Limit Alarm-triggered Relay Output.
Lowest Cost in the Same Class Guaranteed.

Universal Rating Meter
Voltage: Measuring from 10V to 400Vac direction that works with any voltage rating system. Potential Transformer ratio configuration supported.

Current: 5A and 1A CT input field-configurable that suits any industrial current transformer.

Frequency: Automatically adapt to 50Hz and 60Hz system without compromising the accuracy, which simplify design and eliminate international OEM frequency issues.

Multiple I/O Built-in
Digital Input: Monitor switch status, directly display on front LCD display and remotely accessed by communication.

Built-in Power Supply: 24Vdc provides direct power supply to digital input. It reduce the cost, complication and space limitation of additional low voltage power supply in panel.

Digital Output: Pulse output provides energy data to any data acquisition server.

Analog Output: 4-20mA transducer type analog output can be interfaced with any PLC directly.

Relay Output: Over/under limit alarm triggered relay output to control load on/off for load shedding.

Extra Information

Made in Canada
Meter Approvals
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Digital Meter Type
Digital Power Meter,Digital Energy Meter