RCB-1 Resistor Calibration Box


The RCB-1 is used to verify and proof any High Voltage Insulation Testers. It can be utilized to calibrate all High Voltage Insulation Testers very accurately Analogs or Digitals.



  • 19 Resistance ranges (Ω) 1M to 500G: 1M. 2M. 7M. 10M. 20M. 30M. 50M. 100M. 200M. 500M. 1G. 2G. 5G. 10G. 20G. 50G. 100G. 200G. 500G.
  • Resistance tolerances: ±1%(F).
  • Tolerance ± 25ppm/°C: 1MΩ. 2MΩ. 7MΩ. 10MΩ. 20MΩ. 30MΩ. 50MΩ. 100MΩ. 200MΩ. 500MΩ.
  • Tolerance ± 100ppm/°C: 1GΩ. 2GΩ.
  • Tolerance ± 200ppm/°C: 5GΩ. 10GΩ. 20GΩ. 50GΩ. 100GΩ.
  • Tolerance ± 400ppm/°C: 200GΩ. 500GΩ.
  • Tolerance ± 1000ppm/°C: 1TΩ.
  • Max. working voltage: DC 10kV.
  • Power coefficient: Below 3W.
  • Operating temperature: -30°C~75°C.
  • Connecting terminals: Binding Post: Resistance circuit and guard.
  • Dimensions 430(L) × 324(W) × 127(D)mm.
  • Weight: Approx. 5200g.