3125VU 2.5" VU Meter


2.5" Analog VU Meter is designed in a popular industrial style and has a high impact plastic case that is available for surface, bezel or window mounting applications.

Designed to read zero VU or 100% with 1.228 volts applied to the instrument and the 3600 ohm series resistance; this represents 4 DB above 1 milliwatt in 600 ohms.

The combination of a special copper oxide rectifier and an extremely sensitive movement with special magnetic system gives very high sensitivity.

  • Type “A” Scale reads “-20 to +3” in type on the top of the arc, with “0-100” on the bottom of the arc in type.
  • Type “B” Scale reads “0-100” in type on the top of the arc, with “-20 to +3” in type on the bottom of the arc
  • Optional custom dials with your name, logo, etc.


  • Accuracy: 2%.
  • Dials: 100 OR 90 degree arc, black lettering on white or buff background.
  • Pointer: Knife Edge.
  • Movement: Spring loaded pivot and jewel movement that assures maximum torque and readability.
  • Mounting: Specify (S) Surface mount, (B) Bezel mount or (W) Window mount.
  • Case: ABS.