6046MR 4.5" Meter Relay / AC Ammeter


4.5" rectangular analog panel Meter Relay / AC Ammeter with wide variety of control, alarm, and limit use

  • Low Depth - 4.5”.
  • Wide variety of control, alarm, and limit use.
  • Calibration unaffected by steel panel mounting.
  • Infrared LED/photo transistor.
  • 0-2 / 0-20 second time delay STD.
  • 5-A 120/220V relay contact, double pole-double throw.
  • Stable electronic switching circuit does not use lamps, photocells, inductors or capacitors.
  • Isolated input signal.
  • Control function continues if the indicator becomes damaged.
  • Relay latching.
  • Custom dials multi-color, gradient color, photos, and logos - as you wish.
  • Made in the USA


  • Accuracy AC: ±3% of full scale.
  • Movement Suspension: Core Type, Self-shielding. Taut Band.
  • Tracking: ±3%.
  • Repeatability: within 0.5% of full scale.
  • Shielding: Calibration unaffected by magnetic panel mounting.
  • Dial: Sharp, clear, flattened arc. Customs and logos available.
  • Case: ABS.
  • Pointer: Black, Tubular.
  • Control Point: Single - high limit, 0-100% of arc.
  • Adjustments: Double - high limit 5-100% of arc, Low limit 0-95% of arc, adjustable to within 4° of each other.
  • Switching: within 2% of indication.
  • Auto / Manual Reset: Latching function enabled independently for each relay removing jumpers on terminal block. Add and replace with a normal open pushbutton switch.
  • Contacts/ Output Relay: DPDT relay contacts for each control point, each set contacts rated at 5amps, 20/240VAC resistive.
  • Power Options 1) 70-170VAC, 50-400Hz / 70-170VDC. 2) 8-32 VDC.
  • Operating temperature +41ºF to 122ºF (º5C to º50C).


Extra Information

Meter Size
Analog Meter Type
AC Ammeter
Made in USA
Meter Approvals
Competitor Cross

Crompton: 239 Series
Larson-Meter Craft: CMT-Y
LFE: 196 Series
Simpson: 3324, 3344
Beede: MR2 and MR4