888 PMR Phase Sequence Indicator (Contact Type)


The 888 PMR is a 3-Phase Presence and Rotation Indicator combined with a 3-Phase Motor Rotation Tester.
It can be utilized on either a powered system (the supply side) or an unpowered motor (the load side) with no damage to the tester.
The 888 PMR represents the quickest and easiest way of servicing, repairing and maintaining 3-phase powered systems and 3-phase rotating machinery.

  • Indicates: Phase rotation | Phase presence | Motor rotation/wiring | Battery status.
  • Fused.
  • Color coded test leads.
  • Very low consumption. Works from 2 Hz to 400 Hz Sine.
  • Lightweight, robust and compact. Small, rugged enclosure.


  • Phase Presence Nominal Voltage for Phase Presence Indication: 100~600Vac. Freq: 10~400Hz.
  • Determination of Phase Rotation Field Direction: 1~600Vac. Freq: 2~400Hz
  • Determination of Motor Connections: 1~600Vac. Freq: 2~400Hz
  • Maximum Current Consumption: 18mA.
  • Over Voltage CLASS III: 600V.
  • Over Load between all terminals: 600V.
  • Battery OK goes off when battery voltage: < 6.5 Vdc.
  • Dimensions: 153(L) × 72(W) × 35(D)mm.
  • Weight (battery included): Approx. 185g.
  • Power source 9V(6F22) × 1.
  • Safety Standard: EN 61010-1 CAT III 600V.