H277 HP Non-Contact High Voltage Detector


H277 HP Non-Contact Voltage Detector is an ideal tool for checking the presence of AC high voltages and AC low voltages in cables, wall outlets, fuses, etc. It's also for industrial, utility and mine safety applications.
The 277 HP provides a non-contact detection for AC voltages from 50V~132kV.

  • 2 Ranges for selection: Low (50V-1.5kV) and High (1.5kV-132kV).
  • Power Consumption: Off -5uA.
  • Low / High voltage detection mode - 40mA.
  • Circuit Test function.


  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C
  • Weight (battery included) Approx. 227g.
  • Dimensions 318(L) x 75(W) x 71(D)mm.
  • Power Source: 9V(6LF22) x 1 Alkaline battery.
  • Safety standards EN 61326-1. EN 61000-4-2. EN 61000-4-3.


  • Non-contact detection of live voltages.
  • Find faults in cables.
  • Check and detect live high voltage cables.
  • Trace live wires.
  • Check high frequency radiation.
  • Check grounding equipment.
  • Detect residual or induced voltages.