Best Selling Analog Meter Series (Spring 2023)

Best Selling Analog Meter Series (Spring 2023)

Published by Mark Scott, Sales Manager on 9th Jun 2023

Analog Panel Meters

Analog Panel Meter 250 Degree Series

1. Analog Panel Meters 250 Degree Series

Ideal for harsh conditions where vibration is a concern. Utilize a highly damped, spring loaded pivot and jewel movement with mechanical interlocking to develop high torque.


Titan Series Analog Panel Meters

2. Analog Panel Meters Titan Series

These meters feature extra-wide scales, big bold numerals above the scale and divisions for unobstructed reading. UL Listed.


Creator Series Analog Panel Meters

3. Analog Panel Meters Creator Series

The Creator Series conforms to the standards for 4 holes mounting to provide for interchanging with other similar size meters. Supplied bezel and mounting hardware enable quick, trouble-free installation.


4. Analog Panel Meters DIN Series

These high quality analog meters have clear and easy to read scale and a front zero adjustment for fine tuning. The DIN meters can be built in switchboards, measuring desks and electrical equipment.

5. Switchboard Analog Panel Meters

The high quality panel meters are manufactured in popular industrial style with acrylic resin cover, plastic body and terminal, plastic or metal rear case.

6. Hoyt Industrial Analog Panel Meters

Industrial Panel Meters are resistant to extreme shock, vibration, temperature, environmental contamination, and humidity. Designed to meet industrial requirements and for other applications where metal, phenolic and ABS cases with glass fronts provide long service under adverse conditions.

Hoyt Meter full custom in house capability allows us to build, customize, and stock metering for your manufacture or replacement needs. We Offer:

  • Direct Cross to fit your application
  • Customizable options
  • Custom printed dials
  • Drop in replacements to Yokogawa, Triplett, Beede, Crompton, Jewel and more
  • Competitive prices
  • Committed to customer satisfaction.