HST-2000Hz Portable Analog Frequency Meter


The Hz meters use a frequency-to-DC current transducer which drives a high sensitivity moving coil type indicator. It features accurate frequency measurements without noticeable influence of line voltage fluctuation (50 to 300V) or waveform distortion.

  • Principle: Frequency sensing transducer.
  • Special ranges are available upon request.


  • Accuracy:
    - ±0.5% of full scale value on 45 to 65 Hz range.
    - ±0.5% of full scale value on 0 to 100Hz range.
    - ±0.5% of full scale value on 0 to 500Hz range.
  • Scale Length: Approx. 135mm(5-3/8”).
  • Weight: Approx. 1.7kg.
  • Dimension: 196(L) × 170(W) × 87(D)mm.
  • Case Material: Bakelite with glass window.